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    Posted by admin October 15, 2014

    Noveltunity® is making steady progress and we thank all of our members and authors for participating on so many levels. There are many options out there. We are proud to be your choice to take the book club into the 21st Century.


    This month we had over 150 submissions from authors who live in at least a dozen countries. There are wonderful books from the US, England, Australia and the Netherlands. The vote is going well and is very close.


    Whether you are a reader or writer or have any type of business, Dan Glover’s blog entries are showing everyone how to build an engaged base of followers. His insights have led him to having over 150,000 followers. Let him help you too


    Noveltunity® is a community. We value your input. It is your club. Help us help new authors and empower readers.


    If you are associated with a worthy charity, non-profit or civic organization, please contact us. We’d love to help.

Welcome to Noveltunity®

What is Noveltunity?

We are an ebook club that exclusively features new or undiscovered writers from around the world.

What else is unique about Noveltunity?

Members are told what to read in other book clubs. Not here! Once we get going members will vote on selections. There’s much more. Read our About and FAQs pages for all the details.

Your Noveltunity® membership will include:

• Each month you will get THREE ebooks as part of the membership package
• You’ll be able meet the writers in live online events and even ask the authors questions on our Forums
• You can participate in online classes
• In addition to scheduled meetings you can start up your own meetings too
• Vote on upcoming selections
• Meet people from around the world. So far people from over two dozen nations have registered. Let’s get members from over 100 countries!