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    Posted by admin September 14, 2015

    As the summer ends, it’s a great time to look back at Noveltunity®’s year thus far. We keep marching forward. We have had submissions and members from over thirty countries. The only continent that hasn’t been represented is Antarctica. We have had over 4,500,000 page views.


    In April, the London Book Fair had the wildly successful Indie-ReCon. During those three days, several of our winning writers were featured live and on podcasts. About half a dozen of our partners were major participants. 


    Joining or submitting to Noveltunity® puts you on the A-List of publishing. It can help your career. 


    We honor and celebrate our members by allowing them to choose our selections. As was shown in London, they have chosen very well.


    Come join our club and our family!

Welcome to Noveltunity®

What is Noveltunity?

We are an ebook club that exclusively features new or undiscovered writers from around the world.

What else is unique about Noveltunity?

Members are told what to read in other book clubs. Not here! Once we get going members will vote on selections. There’s much more. Read our About and FAQs pages for all the details.

Your Noveltunity® membership will include:

• Each month you will get THREE ebooks as part of the membership package
• You’ll be able meet the writers in live online events and even ask the authors questions on our Forums
• You can participate in online classes
• In addition to scheduled meetings you can start up your own meetings too
• Vote on upcoming selections
• Meet people from around the world. So far people from over two dozen nations have registered. Let’s get members from over 100 countries!

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