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  • Category:  Store
    Tags:  humor · science fiction · journalism
    Submitted by  Ira Nayman updated  December 10, 2014  | 10,555 views
    How hard could it be? You take Dimensional Portal(TM) technology and push - ahem, I mean convince - several seasoned (I like mine with more salt than is healthy and a dash of Tabasco) journalists through it. (Oh, don't be so judgmental - 90 per cent of th...  more
  • Nicholas C. Rossis has written the epic fantasy series Pearseus and The Power of Six, a collection of short science fiction stories. All of these have reached #1 on Amazon.
    His latest book is Runaway Smile, a children's book about a little boy who wakes u...  more
  • Category:  Author
    Tags:  Crime · detective · Hardboiled · London
    Submitted by  Tom Savage updated  November 21, 2014  | 11,661 views
    Nick Dante is happy not having any cases to investigate and sitting in the Black Heart in Camden, drinking American IPA's, while practising to be a full-time curmudgeon. However, when Maya Prada's new album, 'Trash Talk' is leaked, Andrew Grey comes to Da...  more
  • Category:  Author
    Tags:  Joy of living · inspirational love story · romance · fiction
    Submitted by  Richa Saxena updated  November 5, 2014  | 6,940 views
  • Category:  Author
    Tags:  j. conrad guest · romance · baseball · detroit tigers · ty cobb · indianapolis 500 · auto racing · fatal attraction
    Submitted by  J. Conrad Guest updated  November 16, 2014  | 8,835 views
    I write novels about everyday people dealing with the universal ideals of love, loss, regret, and death—and the emotions associated with those ideals. A reader once told me that my work was, “Gritty, entertaining… real. Romance for the ...  more
  • Category:  Partner
    Tags:  publisher · mentor · reviews · critiques · author branding · author marketing · submission help
    Submitted by  Lorraine Cobcroft updated  January 7, 2016  | 8,581 views
    After a successful career as an instructional and business writer and ghost-writer of informational products, Australian author, Lorraine Cobcroft, re-invented herself as ''The Rainbowriter'' to offer offer mentoring services for novice writers, book revi...  more

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