Frequently Asked Questions

What is Noveltunity?

Noveltunity® is the world’s first ebook club that exclusively features new/undiscovered writers. Help us find and develop the next JK Rowling, John Grisham or Stephanie Meyer.

What else is unique about Noveltunity?

We also empower readers/members with the ability to vote for upcoming selections - Readers and writers are partners here. You choose our featured writers. We don’t dictate the choices to you after the first month or two.

How does the club work?

Each month you will get three ebooks. As we grow we hope to add an audio book each month. We will schedule video conferences with each author every week. You are welcome to listen to their insights and ask any questions you may have. During the time meetings aren’t pre-scheduled, the meeting rooms are open for members to discuss our selections, writing in general or any other subject you choose.

Shortly after the Beta starts we will begin special classes about writing, marketing and other subjects. There are also Message Boards to ask authors and members questions about any subject you find interesting.

This is your club. Let us know what you want.

Can I ask the authors or teachers questions if I’m not in the scheduled meetings?

Yes, you can on the Forum Message boards.

I live in a country that is far from the US or Europe can I participate?

Absolutely! We will make schedules to accommodate as many people as we can. Plus you can start meetings that fit your time of day. You’ll be surprised how many people have odd schedules or live overseas.

No longer are book clubs just people in the neighborhood. You are changing the world!

What genres of books does Noveltunity® seek?

The question should be, “What genres do Noveltunity® members want to read?”

The only exclusions we will likely have are erotica, motivational and how to. Should we add more?

So how much does it cost?

Typically membership is either $49.95 per year or $14.95 per quarter, but there are lots of discount codes in place for organizations or partner businesses. To get started with an automatic 16% discount use the code: NEWNOV42

Are you part of, or associated with, a non-profit or charitable organization?

Part of Noveltunity's mission is to help those who help others. Please contact us for information regarding our program guidelines which not only benefits your organization, but gives your members something back too. Working with Noveltunity® will create recurring revenues for your organization so each time a member renews, we'll make a donation to your cause.

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