The Chronicles of the AntiChrist

  • “We were getting too powerful for the teeming stupid to not take notice, so Satan ordered the Synagogue to blind the dim vision of the Lord’s faithful, so they’d perish stupid unto us generation after generation, umbilical cord to umbilical fracking cord! Can a war ever be won against an unseen enemy? You know the stinking answer! The Lord’s watchmen are useless guard dogs that can’t bark or stinking bite. Why? Because their church feeds them nonstop milk, pabulum and fracking formula: denying them the meat of God that strengthens them to combat evil! No church dares mention anything concerning us! And to make sure the teeming stupid never awaked aware, we purchased the Reuters News Agency, all major newspapers, entertainment companies, and book publishers worldwide to have ironclad control of information about us.

    “And we never incorporated any nexus of control, so there were no stockholders to report to, so that fleecing of the world would never birth public indignation in the teeming stupid. Our central banks were always partnerships, and only our heirs knew the monstrous profits we carved from the deaths, wars, and suffering of the snoring billions. But I tell you today we own more than half of the entire wealth of the fracking earth!

    “Then, our Financial Prophet visited Palestine and spent millions to found the first Jewish settlement to lay the foundations of what the Lord has promised us, a Synagogue of Satan Nation – that brings forth only leaves to him. For our tree will be carved out of the quivering flesh of a suffering displaced Ishmael, and will never bring fracking fruit for the stinking Lord! And the whole Christian world will venerate support us as the Chosen of fracking God in a million pulpits, while we shear them until they bleed to fracking death – in the very face of a helpless God!

    “Do you fracking hear me!” Ävael vociferated trembling mightily.

    The dark congregation roared in concordance with the Synagogue of Satan, “We hear you Supreme Adept Counselor for the Commander-in-Chief! Preach the fracking word of god!”

    “Good! In 1867, our Prophet line founded the Zionist Congress to promote the foundations for the future Synagogue of Satan Nation. The Rothschild Red Hexagram became the Zionist symbol that’ll be as the flag of our future Israel, which is the female/male symbol of our beloved Baphomet. We have everything stinking planned, for you cannot war against the Lord of All and not be anal meticulous in your plans and gearings. There’s no doubt about it; he’s a formidable enemy. But each failure gives us strength to regroup harder, for in 1905, that stinking Tsar of Russia repelled our overthrow causing our adepts to flee in terror.

    “In 1907, though we couldn’t control Russia, we turned steely eye to the United States. We warned them, because they were on our Gold Standard, that if they didn’t approve our central bank, we’d create the most severe money panic in its facking history! They didn’t listen. And America was trapped helpless in our financial crisis, while we ruined the lives of millions for our increase, and to steal billions for evil’s determination!

    "And from that Great Depression, our master adept Jacob Schiff founded the National Advancement for the Association of the Colored People (NAACP), as an organization to supposedly empower the blacks. Its purpose was to cause massive rifts between the black and white communities, destabilize social order, and to destroy any Constitutional autonomy of the individual states - over the Federal intrusion. We used race inequality as the crisis to create fatal precedent. And they brought it hook line and sinker, not knowing they were willing participants in bring down their own country. We created the fracking crisis (Jim Crow, KKK) to irrevocably weaken destroy the fracking nation through incrementalism, the Constitution that the Lord forced us to write – against the very wishes of our Kingdom of Darkness!

    “We never allowed them to embrace their innate brotherhood, but magnified endlessly on their differences, keeping them dumbed down spiritual secular, force-feeding our religious evolution to keep them fighting each, as they hollered what the frack – viciously blaming each fracking other! We own this fracking earth and the teeming stupid will never belong in it. Why? Because wolves have no use for stinking sheep, except when they’re fracking dead…

    “Do you fracking understand me!” Ävael vociferated fully engulfed by the gale-force spiritual swirling his robe of light violently around him!

    The dark congregation roared, “We understand you Supreme Adept Counselor for the Commander-in-Chief! Preach the fracking words of god!”

    Twe Stephens,
    A different kind of Christian Author…
    The Universes of God: The Chronicles of The Angels
    The Universes of God II: The Chronicles of Jesus Christ
    The Universes of God III: The Chronicles of the Antichrist (5/2015)
    The Universes of God IV: The Final Eternity (5/2016)

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