How to Connect with Readers & Get Feedback -- Instantly!

  • As writers (or artists in general) we want to create, not ruminate. Likewise, marketing and promotion may not be part of our right-brain skill sets. In any event, most of us are tired of talking about ourselves -- we are sick of the blah blah blues. Exhaustion sets in from all of this social media drain.

    But if our creativity doesn't become econmical, why not just vacuum the carpet instead? Would we want to create something and not get paid for it  -- in some way, if not monentary? Even the great painters and scultors who built temples to the gods were usually paid a commission -- these nobel feats did not come gratis.  And how can we give money to charity if no income is made? Do we really have to be satisfied with writing because we simply love to create, regardless of the outcome?

    Pish posh, I say. I don't believe in this "something for nothing" idea. The law of karmic returns demands reward for work done. At the very least, as writers, we want readers, need readers. We write for THEM.

    Therefore, nothing is better than reader input, to help us write the next novel, scene or blog or to keep us insired and motivated. 

    So I developed an easy method for connecting with readers  -- and possibly even getting reviews on sites like Amazon, Goodreads and others. How do I do it? I ask for it in every book!

    The result is that I connect with people who love books. I make friends. I help them by offering guest blogs, interviews and reviews for their webites. All I did was attach a simple letter at the end of every e-book, asked for feedback and to connect on a personal level with each and every person who reads one of my books.

    This may sound daunting: What if you get 1000s of responses? Believe me, if that happens, you can afford an assistant to help answer the emails.

    The feedback letter copy is easy  and to simplify it even further for you, I attached my template below.  

    True, the hard part is keeping up with the responses and following through when someone connects.  But that is a small price to pay for the actual magic experienced when author meets readers. TRY IT and GOOD LUCK with your writing (or reading)!  


    Thank you for reading!

    Dear Reader,

    I hope you enjoyed immersing yourself in my story, Love Spirits, What Happens in Venice: Book One.

    When I wrote Love Spirits, I got letters thanking me for the book. As an author, I love feedback! You are the reason I explore Venice and unearth its secrets. It is why I created this vivid world for Louisa, her sister, the Venetians and the ghosts to float about in — FOR YOU!

    I have to tell you I really loved developing the crime puzzle with its plot twists as well as inventing characters like sexy sleuth Louisa, her clairvoyant sister, Barbara, and their many Venetian charmers. Many readers have asked, “Why does Louisa fall for Matteo?” But other readers find themselves drawn into his charisma, just like Louisa. Well, stay tuned for the next two installments: will Louis find her happy ending? We sure hope so.

    So tell me what you liked about the book or my writing, what you loved and even what you would change in it. I’d love to hear from you. You can write me at and be sure to visit me on my author website or check out my Venice videos at

    Finally I need to ask you a favor. If you are so inclined, I’d LOVE a REVIEW of the novel. Whether you loved it, liked it or can’t live without it, I’d just enjoy your connecting with me and your feedback.

    Reviews can be tough to come by these days with all of the new writers scrambling for them. You, my dear reader, have the power to make or break a book. If you have time, here’s a link to my author page on Amazon where you can post your review with others. You can find all of my books here,

    If you are a member of Goodreads, please also post it there and vote for my book in Venice categories — or feel free to create new ones. It is fun to be a part of the new and lively universe of books.

    Thank you so much for reading Love Spirits, and for spending time with me.

    In gratitude,

    Diana Cachey

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