Noveltunity® is building our community

  • Noveltunity® has always had the goal of growing a truly interactive community for our members whether they are readers or writers or both. We understand when little guys try to break into huge markets the best way to do this is partner with people who have similar goals. Too often people think they are in competition with each other, when they actually support one another. 


    We should reach out and take some chances. Ask questions and you might be surprised at the answers. Further, smaller groups can be far more involved with each that those with hundreds of thousands or even millions of "followers". If one goes out his/her way to find a unique person or group they are more like to participate in it. 


    One thing Noveltunity® thoroughly enjoys doing is giving personal introductions between our partners, affiliates and friends. Over the past month it's been great to introduce or firends at Pubslush to our British partners IPR license and each the great people at Book Daily. 


    Noveltunity® is a community. We want to network. If you have a blog or a website that features writing, reading, ebooks or anything about publishing, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how can help each other reach our goals and make some money while doing it. 


    Whether you have 300, 3000 or 100,000 hits every day on your site or you have 500 or 50,000 followers or customers, let's talk. Contact me directly . 

    We are only limited by our combined creativity. 



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