Noveltunity® reaching out to help others -41 Club

  • Noveltunity®'s mission is to help writers get closer to living their dreams and to empower readers to have input into who our next generation of writers will be. 


    Our ebook club is a great to do the above. However, we want to do more. We want to help more people. One way to do that is to reach out to wonderful public service organizations, charities and even schools and libraries. 


    Noveltunity® is proud to announce our first such venture with a great partner- The 41 Club. The 41 is based in England with clubs around the world who do a myriad of great for their communities and countries. They everyone from local schools and community centers to nationial and international charities.  We are honored that 41 Club has chosen Noveltunity® to help them help so many others. 


    In these tough times, ginvg donors something for their hard earnerd money can be the difference between them participating and not. for the chariteis it is often very expensive to raise the money they need. Noveltunity® helps alleviate this situation. There are no costs for our partners other than sending emails and putting some information on their websites. We want to truly give to worthy causes. 


    Another problem these wonderful people have trying to help those who need help is going back to donors over and over again. Our program fixes this. All charities will be immediately and 100% vested in the renewals from their donors. Noveltunity® is the gift that keeps giving. 


    If you have a chrity, non-profit, alumni association, school, library or worthy group, please contact me directly Let's work together. We would be honored to help you help. 





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