Noveltunity® Continues to Grow


    Like most new ideas growth is rarely as quick, easy and painless as those create them would like it to be. Noveltunity® is no different. We’d love our doors to be beaten down, but we are thankful for our consistent growth.

    Let’s congratulate May’s winning authors, Jane Isaac, K.D. Keenan and Christine Nolfi. This is the first time all the winners were women. This is great! We want all voices to be heard.

    Talking about all voices being heard, our nominees for June show this phenomenon. The selections being voted on this month come from England, US, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands.

    Noveltunity®’s mission is being shared all around the world. We thank you. Please keep this going.

    We’re also very excited about Dan Glover’s ongoing series about growing your Twitter and social media following. His methodology has led him to having over 169,000 Twitter followers and to having a successful full-time writing career.

    Whether you are a brand new writer or trying to be discovered following his instructions should help you reach higher levels in the industry.

    Noveltunity® is also negotiating with several small publishers to become partners with us. If you know of any publishers or large groups of readers, we’d love to hear from you, drop us a note

    We are working on some very exciting possibilities that will hopefully take place in the fall.

    Thanks for all your encouragement. Noveltunity® is truly bringing books clubs into the 21st Century.

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