Creating Success Stories on a Global Scale with IPR

  • Since bursting onto the publishing scene in 2012, the IPR License platform has
    constantly evolved and we’re excited to have just celebrated our second anniversary.
    The last two years have seen drastic changes in the industry (Fifty Shades of what?
    Penguin Random who?) and our team have been very busy keeping up. So much
    so that we’ve doubled in size, seen a 10% uplift in publisher, author and agent signups
    over the last month alone and a 278% increase in traffic to our website.

    We’ve also had some notable author success stories lately.

    Since listing her books on the site Dr. Monica Diedrich, who pens books on animal
    communication, has found a new market in Croatia. And Mary Wood was offered
    a whopping seven book deal with Pan Macmillan after becoming a member of IPR
    License. Plus we’re in the midst of a mediating a host of international licensing deals
    though our innovative transactional platform TradeRights.

    So what can authors expect?

    When joining IPR License we immediately make work part of an online database
    of available rights therefore enabling authors to monetise these across the globe.
    Our digital platform allows authors to showcase their work to a worldwide publishing
    audience, opening the door to a number of international, as well as domestic,
    markets which may previously have appeared out of reach.

    With work being held on the database for a full year this helps to level the playing
    field for self-published, indie and unpublished authors as member publishers can use
    our extensive online search to find any type of book, at any given time. We also send
    out a regular bulletin to over 50,000 publishers (not just our members) in over 90
    countries highlighting our members’ work. Enquiries are then passed directly on and
    we also have experienced rights staff at IPR License supporting all members.

    Other notable author benefits include our partnership with the acclaimed Andrew
    Lownie Literary Agency for the regular ‘Agents Pick’ competition. To illustrate the
    prestige of this award Mary was only shortlisted but still went on secure the seven
    book Pan Macmillan deal.

    We also produce the IPR Rights Magazine which means you can get your
    titles showcased at five of the largest international book fairs; Frankfurt, New
    Delhi, London, BookExpo America & Beijing. Each issue also includes exclusive
    interviews, articles and profiles with publishers, literary agents and authors.

    If you’d like to speak to us to find out more or just wish us a belated happy
    anniversary contact us on +44 (0) 207 300 7370, email or check
    out the website

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