Congratulations to our new winners!

  • Congratulations to this month’s winners!


    In the closest vote ever the winners were Andrew Goodman, Deb Richardson-Moore and Dene Hellman. One vote behind was RJ Smith’s excellent selection. RJ, we’re thinking about a special offer for you.


    This is why everyone needs to vote. One vote decided!


    Dene and Deb are from the Carolinas and Andrew comes to Noveltunity® from England. Each book is well written and quite different. Please pick up your copy. Non-members can read a selection from each to see what you are missing.


    We promise to catch up with our author’s Meet and Greets by mid-June. The past month has been quite hectic. Noveltunity® is growing with your help and seeking out new writers and readers.


    Please let us know what you are looking for in your ebook club. We want to be responsive. Help us change the model of book clubs by empowering our members to make choices and propel the authors forward.


    Submissions are still open. Please send three chapters, bio, cover art and if you have won any awards to     

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