Noveltunity® Author Ann Andrashie gets publishing deal!

  • When we first started developing Noveltunity®, we hoped this day would come. Never did we think it would happen so soon. Congratulations to Noveltunity® top vote getter Ann Andrashie for the upcoming publication of her wonderful book Dog Island!


    The release date is in early 2015. Let’s help her build some momentum between now and then. Members and followers can share Ann’s story with your social media, friends and colleagues.


    Noveltunity® is here to help find and help the next wave of new voices regardless of genre, nationality, age or any other demographic. Our members thrive on reading, learning and sharing.


    The world of publishing is changing. Our ebook club wants to bring this model into the 21st century. Noveltunity®’s goal is to empower readers to create followings for new/undiscovered voices. As each whisper the positive about Ann and other writers, we can create a groundswell. We can tell publishers, newspapers, agents and other media what the consumer truly wants.


    If you are in a traditional book club, please contact us at . We’d love to team up with you. Let’s join together and spread the news. There are special discount codes available. All you have to do is ask.


    Noveltunity® is run by the members not by the management. You decide. We follow your instructions and wishes. If you have any questions, drop us a note.       


    Let’s get back to the purpose of this entry. Congratulations Ann!


    Here’s her website - .I’m sure she’d love to hear from you.

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