Noveltunity® - The Story So Far

  • We at Noveltunity® are ecstatic over our free beta test. Since rolling it out during the week of Thanksgiving, more than 4000 people have signed up. We are also approaching 400,000 page views. This has blown us away! A big thank you to every single one of you.

    During our first month, we had selections from the US, UK and Australia. For this month’s vote, we’ve been proud to offer works from the US, UK, Sweden, Israel and Bali. Noveltunity® has hit the ground running as a truly worldwide ebook club.

    There are videos from Tom Chalmers (discussing international rights and marketing) and featured author J. Conrad Guest, who discussed his wonderful book and his writing method. Due to the holidays, meet and greets with Ian Flitcroft and Lorraine Cobcroft will happen very soon. We are also planning events with publishers and our next month group of authors.

    Many of you have gotten into the swing of things and are making friends. This is one of our goals. Also, please feel free to post on current Forums and create your own. Let’s get to know each other.

    There is still time for your friends, family and colleagues to join our free beta test. Please let them know about Noveltunity®. We’d very much appreciate those of you who tweet to tweet our link as well as sharing the link with all your social media.

    This is your club. Tell us what you think we can do to get everyone more involved.

    Thanks again!


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