Noveltunity®: A novel opportunity for new authors and readers a

  • A new website is looking to re-invent the traditional book club format by revolutionising the way readers interact with new authors and their work.

    The Noveltunity® concept is easy; it is essentially a global ebook club where users of the site can interact with each other over the internet as well as attending meetings through their online meeting rooms, to discuss the work from new and upcoming writers.

    This is an important facet of Noveltunity® – the idea behind the site is to help undiscovered writers receive both feedback and acclaim for their work in what is an increasingly difficult sector to break into.

    Writers submit their manuscripts to the site which, if chosen, will then be sent out to the members for evaluation – this will ultimately result in some authors being chosen by the readers to then receive digital publishing deals with partners of Noveltunity®, who are already in place to ensure the best authors are publicised and receive the readership they deserve from commercial deals.

    Noveltunity® also wants to change the way that traditional publishing houses ‘pick and choose’ the content they want us to buy, rather than giving the readers the choice about what they are actually more likely to want to read or be interested in.  Traditional publishing after all tends to centre on safe options and rarely takes chances on new, edgier, niche, writers.

    Founder of Noveltunity®, Rick Karlsruher, explains:

    ‘In the previous 30 years of my working life, my true love of writing has always peeked out of the office.  During this time few industries have changed as much as publishing has – it was always mysterious to outsiders and now the internet, although opening up the freedom to create, has made the situation even more confusing and frustrating to new writers trying to get their voice heard.’

    ‘This led to me thinking of solutions: For nearly a century the book club has been a staple for avid readers, however in that time it has not changed, even with the advent of new technology – Noveltunity® intends to address that imbalance for the benefit of both readers and writers alike.’

    You can find updates on Twitter @Noveltunity or follow their ‘Noveltunity®-Bookclub’ Facebook page.

    For more information or interview requests, please contact Rick Karlsruher directly

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