Noveltunity® needs new and undiscovered writers to join them on

  • Noveltunity®, the online book club for readers and writers around the world, is committed to helping new and undiscovered authors gain the credit and recognition they deserve.  In November 2013 they will be launching a new BETA site which will eventually develop, after testing, into the official full version of the website.

    In order to offer something of value to the first few hundred members on the Noveltunity® website, while in the BETA testing phase, they need some authors to participate in allowing extracts of their books to be made available to members.

    Unfortunately Noveltunity® cannot afford to pay the authors that participate in this early stage of its development; however they can offer some of the following incentives to make it worthwhile to an author willing to give Noveltunity® free access to one of their books.

    •     Grow your fanbase by publicizing your canon of work on the website
    •     Gain exposure of your work in general and for your latest book
    •     Practice in dealing with the public by doing video conferencing and Q&A chat sessions
    •     Submission to over 30 public digital libraries
    •     Your books as featured products once our store section goes live after the BETA testing phase
    •     Skip the submission process if submitting a second book to us within two years of launch (this will be a definite exception to the general rule). Your book will automatically be entered into the group members vote on for ultimate selection.
    •     Hosting a blog section on the website dedicated to you and your work, offering your tips on writing, your struggles within the industry or your general day-to-day life.

    We hope as a writer you can see the huge potential benefits of being involved with such an exciting project from the start.

    Please email Rick Karlsruher on if you are interested in this opportunity.


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