Great openings from some great selections

  • The opening paragraphs from a book are essential in drawing the reader into wanting to continue and also inspiring a potential publisher to want to look at more of the authors work.


    Luckily for Noveltunity® our selected authors really know how to set a story up from the beginning.  Below are some of the opening paragraphs from some of our selected novels since the Noveltunity® site launched:


    Mark Kotting - Teach Her

    Shirley knew it was coming to an end.

    Of course she did, she was ending it. Shirley knew because she got paid to know, was good at knowing, she’d won awards for knowing. She knew things as a girl, knew things as a wife, as a teacher.

    What she didn’t know, under her French bob, her blue eyes, her five foot five frame, was how her only child would feel when he returned to the break, the split, the lancing, the end of his parent’s marriage. She didn’t know that.  


    Ethan Harrison - Illuminati Hunter 

    I, Sebastian Drechsler, finding myself of sound mind but failing  body, in the year of our Lord 1852, at the grand old age of eighty seven, do finally commit these words to paper and solemnly swear that though much of the following text may at times sound unbelievable, it is, in fact, a true and accurate account of the extraordinary adventures in which I played my part as a young man in my homeland of Bavaria many, many years ago.

    Also, I truly hope that if the text has survived as long as I have intended before coming to the public‟s attention then the incredible tale you are about to read no longer contains a very necessary warning for the  world. But if that is the case then may God Almighty have mercy on your souls.


    Jane Isaac - The Truth Will Out

    Eva Carradine’s foot tapped a staccato rhythm as she sat back in her chair and waited for her computer to connect.  Green velvet curtains shrouded the window beside her. An umbrella lamp and gas fire combined with the light of her laptop to produce a soft hue in the room, just enough for her to view the buttons on her keyboard.

    Naomi’s face appeared on the screen in front of her. No pleasantries were exchanged. No gestures made. “I can’t do this anymore.” Eva’s stomach fisted. She stared at her friend’s crumpled face. “Naomi, don’t… We said we wouldn’t talk about this. We promised.” The image on her laptop flickered as Naomi reached across and took a glug from a glass of red. Crisp classical notes rose and fell in the background. “How was work?”


    J Conrad Guest - Backstop

    I RECALL HOW, as a boy, the last day of school seemed to spill out onto an endless summer of baseball. The first day of school, after Labor Day, seemed nearly as remote as old age. I’d wake up early so I could get my chores done and then, after lunch, head down to the schoolyard with my buddies to play ball; if they didn’t feel like playing or were unavailable, I’d head down anyway, hoping to play a pick-up
    game. Didn’t matter to me that I didn’t know some of these guys—all I wanted to do was play baseball


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