Noveltunity® needs avid readers to join them on their BETA webs

  • Noveltunity®, the online book club for readers and writers around the world, is committed to empowering the choices available for book lovers by discovering new and undiscovered authors and giving you the chance to see their work for the very first time.  In November 2013 they will be launching a new BETA site which will eventually develop, after testing, into the official full version of the website.

    In order to offer something of value to the first few hundred members on the Noveltunity® website, while in the BETA testing phase, we are offering a few unique incentives, in order to have you on board and helping us during this test phase.

    •     3 free E-Books from talented new authors during each month of the BETA
    •     The power to help create the next writing stars by voting on book selections
    •     An opportunity to meet the authors through video conferencing and Q&A chat sessions
    •     Meet fellow members online and discuss books with other readers
    •     Take part in classes, seminars and writing workshops
    •     Discounted membership rates for up to two years after the BETA phase finishes

    We hope as an avid reader you can see the huge potential benefits of being involved with such an exciting project from the start.

    Please email Rick Karlsruher on if you are interested in this opportunity.


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