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    Noveltunity® was created by Rick Karlsruher to help new or undiscovered writers create a platform to jumpstart their careers. In an era of a torrent of titles, Noveltunity® focuses on those who may become new voices.


    The company will also empower readers/members to help choose upcoming selections. After the first few months of operation, reader/members will vote on which fine books will be presented.


    Each month members will receive three ebooks (one of which will be made into an audio book).


    Noveltunity® will also incorporate worldwide meeting rooms for discussions with the authors and members. There will also be classes about writing and marketing.


    Through this technology, the concept of book clubs being local will be moved in the 21st century. Noveltunity® will allow members from all nations to meet in real time.


    The company has had a successful soft public relations and information rollout over the past month. Articles and interviews have appeared in publications in Australia, England, India, Canada and the United States. Thus far there have been solid responses from twenty-eight countries that span all continents with the exception of Antarctica.


    For interviews and more information please contact:


    Jim Farley –


    Rick Karlsruher –


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